What we did on Wed Nov 7

We experienced two more online tools for learning a language: LWT and Quizlet. Lwt is not as user-friendly as Quizlet, but it has the advantage or potential of a good teaching tool. It can serve as a corpus to teach vocabulary, grammar, reading… with the function of tagging or filtering.

Quizlet is more fun. Its flashcard function is fantastic. Teachers and students can create their own sets of words to learn with images attached. The sound is available for pronunciation of the word. It covers more aspects of vocabulary learning than a traditional paper flashcard can.

What to do next: download and install Lwt onto personal computer; exploring more with Quizlet. They’re both nice.

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2 Responses to What we did on Wed Nov 7

  1. Steve says:

    Do you think there is a big need in Vietnam for more authentic reading input and focus on grammar and text competencies in the curriculum or is that already covered well? Answering this question may help decide whether investing time and energy into LWT is worthwhile or not. If you analyse Needs and realise that there is not a great need for more grammar and textual objectives, then maybe the complexity of LWT means that you don’t consider it a solution, or that you focus on introducing it only to materials writers as a design tool. What do you think?

  2. hungpt104 says:

    I think LWT will work better as a self study tool. Students choose the texts they like to read, do different activities with the words they like to learn (translate, test their memory with cloze questions or the color of the words they already checked, etc.). I don’t think there’s a great need for more grammar as my students have to pass the entrance English test which focuses a lot on grammar before they can enroll. It can become a kind of reading journal with which students review their process of learning and feel a sense of tangible progress. I’d introduce it to my students first, and consider a lot before introducing it to my colleagues who design course materials because they’re not IT fans and not really open to dramatic changes in their working habits. New ways of learning would motivate students better, especially those who are going to study Computer science.

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