List of viable technologies for my context

Moodle: is used by most of the departments at Hanoi University, but many of them use it as an announcement board, not as an LMS. Will talk to some lecturers from Business and Tourism Department about their experience as they are using its learning functions for their courses.

Second Life: combined with Moodle, it can be a great online classroom. The thing now is to learn all of its functions to organize a class there, then to design a course.

Evernote: Good tool for organizing life, work and study. Will introduce it to students.

A flipped classroom with ESLvideos: used for term 3, English for specific purposes. Students will watch videos, answer questions, read notes, and use class time for discussions and presentations.

Augmented Reality: to make the learning happen outside the classroom. Students will read, listen or watch videos to learn about an object, a place.. as they go from one location to another. Especially good for tourism students. New experience would motivate learners. E.g. Layar, String, Wikitude… Read more about it.

Stixy: good for speaking, grammar, writing; individual, pair, group work;

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4 Responses to List of viable technologies for my context

  1. OMG what was that, a ghost application? What is it?
    Nothing tickled your interest since November to write a little post? Moodle, SmartTree or Second Life?

    • hungpt104 says:

      Sorry Edith. Most of the tools introduced are interesting to me, some are more viable than others though. It just takes a little time for me to form this new habbit of writing blogs,I guess..

  2. hungpt104 says:

    Edith, I’m working on this Moodle site FELT – a collection of useful tools and news (with reflection on how to use them which I’ll do later) and a platform for my online classes.
    Please take a look and comment if you have time 🙂
    All the best, Hung

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